CJ’s Diary: The First Entry (of many to come)!

Ahoy everybody – CJ here!

As the official mascot for the upcoming art trail project, Octopus Ahoy! – and the first octopus to properly live on land, I think – I’ve decided to start a diary to document my life up here with the people. I was excited to be invited to join in the Octopus Ahoy! fun, in celebration of 150 years in Clacton and the Mayflower 400 project (now technically 401, thanks a lot 2020).

As the crew and I prepare for the launch of the trail (when the octopus sculptures splash down on the streets of Essex this June), I’ve been spending my time getting used to life alongside humankind and exploring the many sights around Essex.

Here are just some of the weird things I have learnt about humans so far after chatting with the friendly, helpful Octopus Ahoy! team…

  • As well as having only half the normal number of limbs, humans only have one heart, not three like us octopuses – and apparently having blue blood means something different up here. That’s a bit weird… I think octopus blood is only ever blue. Might have to check that with some of my family when I get back.
  • There’s a lot that glitters and glints to look at under the sea… but it turns out humans really like sparkly things too! They like them so much they even wear them on their bodies and sometimes will give trinkets to each other to show their love. Maybe I can find someone up here to give a shiny rock to?
  • It can be quite loud on land… I overheard a sequence of sounds that people call ‘music’. They seem to really enjoy it, and I must say it’s growing on me – the closest thing I’ve heard to this is when the whales start talking to each other. It makes the humans act quite strangely though… they say I move in a funny way but it’s nothing like how they move when music is on! They try to mimic the sound with their voices too – the Octopus Ahoy! team aren’t very good at that though.
  • I saw someone with ink art on their skin! I have some friends that can change their skin colour, but they mostly just do that when they want to hide or pull pranks – they can’t do pictures or anything, like these. I wonder if I could learn it… I’ve got plenty of octopus ink, perhaps that’s a start.
  • All humans seem to be covered in fabric most of the time, all different colours and patterns. I’ve seen some fancy octopuses that sort of look like they’re wearing what I’m told are ‘dresses’, but this concept of clothes is new to me. I tried to find some so I could blend in a bit more, but they don’t seem to cater for creatures with more than 4 legs. Luckily, I’m very proud of my body.

I’ve still got so much more to find out about, and I can’t wait to explore more of Essex and meet all the lovely people that live here! If you’re reading this, I’d love to come and meet you – at your schools, businesses or events, please give my friends at Octopus Ahoy! a call on 01206 765544 or email us at octopus@katmarketing.co.uk.

Follow us on social media to be notified of my next diary entry – until then, ahoy!