Octopus Ahoy! will be the public art event of 2020 in Essex. This large-scale public art event celebrates the 400th anniversary of Captain Christopher Jones’ sea voyage aboard the Mayflower.

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What is the Mayflower 400™?

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth, UK to Plymouth, Massachusetts. To celebrate this milestone and commemorate the legacy of the passengers and crew who undertook the journey, a series of public events is planned aimed at inspiring creativity and culture as well as promoting education. The overarching campaign will champion the values of freedom, faith and personal liberty that informed the original journey.


Design an iconic work of art forming part of a stunning 2020 summer trail
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Immerse young minds in a cross-curricular education programme that inspires
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Make your brand synonymous with a vibrant art and local community project
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Octopus Cam


What is Octopus Ahoy! ?

For 10 weeks in the summer of 2020, Harwich and the wider Essex area will see its parks and open spaces taken over by giant painted octopus sculptures! Over one hundred octopus sculptures will engage local professional artists and school children, who will design and paint them, celebrating the creativity of Essex.

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What other events are taking place in celebration of Mayflower 400™?
Discover what’s happening and what captures your interest and then get involved.

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Can I create a sculpture?
We’re inviting local artists to get involved in a unique art event to celebrate the Mayflower 400™️ in Harwich and to help raise money for Essex charities.

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How big are the Octopus?
The octopus main sculptures are 4ft by 4ft.  The school-sized octopus are 2ft by 2ft.
How can I get involved?

So many ways! Volunteer programme? Become an octopus shipmate! Email octopus@katmarketing.co.uk

What is an Octopus Patron?

A sponsor of a large octopus sculpture is called an octopus patron. Without our wonderful octopus patrons, this project would not be possible.