The Octopus Ahoy! Auction  set sail for  success!

Thank you to all of our supporters and everyone that joined us at the Octopus Ahoy! auction on 23rd September to bid on our octopuses! Those who placed the winning bids have truly taken home a wonderful piece of local history and we are delighted that our vibrant octopus sculptures have found their loving forever homes.  

The auction, which took place at Le Talbooth (by Milsom Hotels), was expertly managed by local auctioneers Reeman Dansie, and was a fantastic evening for all. The project raised an incredible £52,490 on the night – with more still being raised – with funds being donated to two wonderful local causes: Essex Community Foundation and the Mayflower Legacy Fund (part of the Tendring Community Fund).

Read more about our auction and the evening’s highlights here, or to get up to speed on all the sold sculptures and winning bids, head over to the online auction page.

A Look Back on Octopus Ahoy!