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Our Volunteers did a fantastic job over the summer!

Streets, parks and open spaces throughout Essex were taken over by some unusual visitors… giant painted octopus sculptures! For 10 weeks in the summer of 2021, it was an octopus extravaganza!

Octopus Ahoy! in association with 150 years of Clacton and the Mayflower celebrations was a mass appeal, large-scale public art and charity event.

Our enthusiastic, fun volunteers did a great job over the summer, helping direct and advise the public, spreading the word about the project and much more!

Thank you to everyone that got involved.

The Role

Our volunteers:

Conducted weekly checks to report damage
Checked trail map stocks
Acted as a signpost (weekends only) for the trail
Advised tourists
Answered questions about the Octopus Ahoy! project and its legacy
Handed out trail maps
Advised people how to reach the trail
Highlighted the app
Answered questions about Mayflower 400 or 150 Years of Clacton
Assisted CJ, the Octopus Ahoy! Mascot, during his appearances at events to promote the summer trail