CJ’s Diary: Checking Out UnSealed’s new Beach Toy Library

Destination: Holland-on-Sea
Buckets and Spades donated: 5!
Sea Animals Saved: At least 1 for each item donated instead of discarded

With the ocean being both my, and my fellow sea creature friends’, home, I am very passionate when it comes to helping humans live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. UnSealed, an eco-friendly refill store located at The Grove in Clacton-on-Sea, are currently housing ‘Oceania’, one of our smaller octopus sculptures, and they are experts when it comes to plastic-free, low-waste living.

When I heard that the refill shop team were working on a new project called Beach Toy Library, I just had to swim down to check it out for myself. The wonderful humans at UnSealed have launched Beach Toy Libraries along the local beaches in the area – rather than being the type of library where you need to be quiet (I’ve learnt about that the hard way), these are boxes placed to house salvaged buckets, spades and other fun beach toys, giving previously discarded items a new lease of life! Anyone can borrow from the boxes on their trip to the beach, return them at the end of the day, and add any other found items they stumble across throughout their visit – saving them from a fate littering the beach.

The idea is to reduce plastic waste, as less toys will be purchased unnecessarily and left behind on the beach, but it’s also a great way to save some money; why not borrow your bucket and spade from the library instead of buying new ones this year?

This is a great idea to help make a difference to our marine life and keep our beaches clean. I must say, if I had the time to do so, I would’ve stopped to build a sandcastle with the wonderful toys that the Beach Library had already collected!

Find out more about UnSealed on their website and social media, or read more about the Beach Toy Library project, here.