Sponsor picks artist event

We are one step closer to witnessing the most exciting art trail of the year, Octopus Ahoy! Our exclusive ‘Sponsor Meets Artist’ event commenced the evening of Wednesday 4th March, and it went off with a sensational splash!

Over a hundred of the wonderful designs we had submitted by Essex artists were put on display for our octopus patrons at the magical SeaQuarium on Clacton Pier. The artistic designs looked amazing, each one beautifully displayed on the sides of the glorious, glowing glass tanks, and side by side with their real-life sea creature friends. This was the first time that our sponsors were able to view the submitted designs, and they had the opportunity to walk around and handpick which of the artwork they believed would be the best to embellish their octopus sculpture for the summer trail.

Katie Skingle, Director of KAT Marketing, said: “Wonderful things happen only due to our incredible sponsors and it was truly a pleasure to introduce the amazing art submissions to our octopus patrons. We’ve had lots of fun looking through the hundreds of brilliant art submissions and I knew there would be some very tough choices ahead! A big thank you must go out to all the artists, from around the county, who have taken the time to get involved.  If anyone would like to sponsor an octopus they have until 1st April to make contact with us and join in with the biggest art trail in Essex.”

Gina Westbrook of Ellisons, one of our octopus patrons, said: “We’re so excited to finally see the fantastic designs and can’t wait for the work to begin on ours. It’s going to be great to see the artwork come to live in 3D form and we’ve chosen one that really speaks to us. It’s going to be fantastic to see so many stunning Octopus sculptures adorning the streets of Tendring and Essex, and it’s truly a honor to be able to support such a project. A great project for the community for one and all to enjoy as a free activity this summer.”

So, what happens next? The artists whose designs were chosen by our patrons (and trust us, they chose well!) will be put in contact with their sponsors, and then it’s time to get to work on their 8-legged canvas before they go out onto the streets for the summer trail, taking place from 4th July 2020 until 12th September 2020.

As well as this exciting development on our larger sculptures, over half of the smaller 2ft octopuses have now been delivered to their homes in Tendring and Colchester schools, which will feature in internal host locations throughout this summer. We can’t wait to see them adorned with the designs of our many classroom Picassos!

If you want to join in on the fun, earn rewards and keep up to date with all things Octopus Ahoy!, be sure to download our app, released on the 1st July 2020 – set the date in your calendars, you won’t want to miss it!