CJ’s Diary: Upcoming Fun with Clacton Breeze and Clacton Rocks!

Ahoy there!

There are so many exciting things taking place in the lead up to the launch of the trail next month, so my diary is filling up with bookings where I’ll get to meet more lovely 2-legged friends and explore more of the beautiful Essex area!

This weekend, on Sunday 30th May, the Clacton Breeze open top bus will be at Clacton Pavilion and will be unveiled with our Octopus Ahoy! branding. I’ve never seen a bus before, let alone BEEN on one – is it like a boat for land? I can’t wait to sit up on top and feel the wind through my tentacles. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Clacton Breeze…

It’s going to be a fin-tastic day of meeting people, taking pictures, giving out flyers and other goodies such as… rocks?

This is the bit I’m not so sure about – did YOU know humans eat rocks? I’ve heard of some of my octopus pals using rocks to help camouflage themselves, but never eating them. Although apparently these ones are different – they’re from Clacton Rocks and they’re super colourful and sweet to eat! Be sure to come see us on Sunday to have a walk around our octo-bus and receive one of these tasty treats.

I’d love to meet as many of you as I can – the more humans I meet, the more I learn about life on land. The crew and I will be at Clacton Pavilion with the bus from 11am-3pm, so be sure to come and say hi! I’m just bubbling with anticipation…