CJ’s Diary: Saving the Sea at Harwich Haven Authority’s Beach School!

Destination: Harwich Beach
Rubbish Collected: Sadly, too much!
Yoga Positions Perfected: Around 4 – namaste…

Ahoy there, mates! I’ve got another great new diary entry for you, and let me tell you, this one really opened up my eyes. The Octopus Ahoy! First Mate Crew and I caught wind of a Beach School taking place in Harwich this week, organised by the wonderful two-legged specimens at Seaside Explorers and Harwich Haven Authority.

The only school I knew of before arriving on land for the Octopus Ahoy! trail was a school of fish, but the free Beach School was attended by an abundance of little humans, all eager to learn more about our marine environment. Everyone was looking stylish in their Seaside Explorers t-shirts – I wanted one for myself, but unfortunately, they don’t come in a size that fits 8 limbs.

The afternoon consisted of fun outdoor learning and activities. Each of us were gifted a litter picker, with which we got to work helping clear up the discarded rubbish on the beach. I must say, I was shocked. Most of the humans I’ve met have been lovely creatures, so it was hard to believe that some of those of the same species could litter on our beautiful beaches! Alas, we worked hard to clear up the mess. They’d even gotten creative, recycling the rubbish to create their very own octopus sculpture! I was highly impressed…

I turned my tentacles at some other activities too and discovered a new love for yoga! The session got me feeling very zen and in tune with the ocean once again… Although, the more complicated moves can definitely be tricky when you have so many arms in the way, and my suckers kept getting stuck together when attempting the ‘tree’ pose. Always great to try something new though!

After a long day of fun and learning, it was time for lunch. I, being the gracious mollusc I am, helped the Compleat Caterers hand out the free lunches to all the kids and parents. Once everyone was served, I eagerly tucked into a fish finger sandwich (AMAZING by the way) and wandered around getting to know my new Beach School classmates.

It was a fin-tastic day, and I’m so glad I have this amazing class picture to remember them all by. Until next time – ahoy!