CJ’s Diary: ‘Clam’-ing Around in Clacton-on-Sea!

Destination: Clacton-on-Sea
Tubs of popcorn eaten: Don’t ask, my stomach still hurts… (worth it)
Bubble tea made: One delicious ‘Octopus Ahoy!’

Ahoy again, friends! I’m here to share another splashing Octopus Ahoy! adventure that I had with the First Mate Crew recently – this time, we took a dive into the beautiful town of Clacton-on-Sea. Gilly gosh, what a time we had…

Our first stop was to Clacton Library, recommended by my lovely sculpture friend ‘Octo-Quest’. Humans really love to write books on EVERYTHING, don’t they? Books about adventures, love, magic… even sharks! I was completely in awe of their wonderful mural that they have created to promote the Octopus Ahoy! trail – if I didn’t live underwater, I’d ask them to make one for my own home.

Once I had brushed up on my reading skills, we headed down to the train station to catch up with ‘Keef’. Whilst we were there, I thought, why not buy a ticket to London? ‘Journey of a Thousand Stars’ seems to be loving the city, and I’m desperate to see what makes him so bubbly about life up stream.

Recently, I’ve become quite the film fin-atic, so we stopped off at Clacton Century Cinema to catch a viewing of the latest blockbuster. It was very busy, so I decided to give the guys behind the counter a helping tentacle (or 8) before the movie started. Whilst I was there, I also got to redeem my reward of a free drink and popcorn using the Octopus Ahoy! app.

Next stop was Spirit – I decided that I really need to dive out of my comfort zone a bit when it comes to fashion, and this was the perfect ‘plaice’ to shop for some new threads! No wonder ‘The Rainbow Octopus’ is always looking so fresh. I did have a browse at their shoe selection, although they didn’t have enough pairs in my favourite style to fit me…

We did a spot of shopping at the local Wilko store, where I met a lovely little four-legged friend – humans sure are lucky to have dogs as companions. All we get back home are catfish! ‘Vincent Star’ was looking great in his spot in their window – he’s definitely being well looked after by all the employees there.

Up next was The Works, where I met the largest, shiniest seahorse I’ve ever seen! Although despite her amazing looks, she was a little bit of an air head if I’m being completely honest… I met some lovely friends here. Everyone was so nice! They even helped me pick out an my very first art set, as I’ve been so inspired by all of the artists that have taken part in the trail.

Of course, we couldn’t come to Clacton without visiting Bubble Bubble, the brand new bubble tea shop! They have ever so kindly created a limited-edition drink named ‘Octopus Ahoy!’ to celebrate the art trail. I even got to make one and try it for myself (trust me, it’s delicious). Learn more about Bubble Bubble and the octopus-themed beverage here.

Last but not least, we made a stop at My Big Fat Greek Taverna, and I’m glad we did! I made friends with so many lovely humans there, and I wish we had time to stop and taste the Cypriot cuisine. It smelled incredible! Although, I was a little sceptical at something on the menu… Humans don’t really eat octopus, do they?

It was definitely a fun-filled day meeting lots of wonderful friends and checking up on my octopus pals! I can’t wait for my next visit. Keep an eye out on the Octopus Ahoy! social media pages to see where I’ll be heading to next.

Until next time, ahoy!